Consulting API (deprecated)

This version of the API has been deprecated. Check the new documentation: qqwapi-elastic en readthedocs

QuienEsQuienWiki API is an open data resource based on standards, designed to make easier to analyze corporations and power relations between public and private sectors in Latin America. Available to analysts, journalists and data researches all over the world.

The Api (Application Programming Interface) allows to query data from businesses, public institutions, people, relations, contracts and other data, mainly from Mexico and will be incorporating strategy marketing data in Latin America so they can be used in applications and websites, as long as the CC-BY-SA license terms are respected.

Results are in JSON, based on Popolo Project standards and Open Contracting Data Standard. The system is a REST API made with Swagger and OpenAPIv2 definition. The source code is available at the project’s Github <>`_.

Note: This documentation is still being updated. For any doubts, email us at